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Book Series by Sandra Puckett

Sara started out as a standalone book. But at the request of readers, Sandra Puckett has created a series to continue the story of Sara. Sandra anticipates 4 books total in this series with books 1 and 2 already written and available for purchase. She has finished writing Book 3 (Fallen) which is in the editing stage and has begun writing Book 4 (Risen).

   Sara (Book 1)

Young Sara Lambert cried as she watched her father and older brother climb into their white Oldsmobile and slowly drive away. She knew they would not return. She would become an only child in a single-parent home.

Now, ten years later, her long lost brother returns - three times - as three guys confront her claiming to be her brother. They all bring tales of her father’s secret life and the horrible acts that he had committed. But one brings a truth about Sara herself that could destroy the very person that she has become.

With her life in jeopardy and time running out, she must quickly figure out who’s who before Halloween, for once it arrives, nobody’s safe - not even Sara.

“Kill or Be Killed” is what Sara must embrace if she’s going to survive to see another Halloween.

-Explicit/mature. (18 yrs old and up)    Click Here for more information (read an excerpt or purchase the book).


  Broken (Book 2)

***Spoiler Alert for Sara (Book 1)

Five years after killing her twin and saving the world, Sara struggles to live a normal human life while protecting her family from those who want to kill them. But after a traumatic encounter, she is forced to embrace her beast within... forced to become what she truly is... a demon born of Satan... Satan’s child.


-Explicit/mature. (18 yrs old and up)  Click Here for more information (read an excerpt or purchase the book).